An elevated handbag brand that is on trend, modern and fresh?...ummm, yes please!

What's In a Name?

“Ruby” is from one of our favorite proverbs and speaks of Wisdom. “She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.” (Proverbs 3:15). And “Jade” is one of the strongest stones in the world.

Our desire is that “Ruby Jade” would remind you of the wisdom and strength God makes available to us when we ask. Our prayer is that we would all grow in both as a community!

Strong as jade...

Bags That Last

Say goodbye to cheap fashion and hello to premium leather & vegan leather bags as strong as the women who carry them.

Our vegan leather has been tested to withstand tough wear and tear, and if it’s genuine leather you’re looking for, we pride ourselves on giving you THE BEST QUALITY OF LEATHER BAGS out there - even surpassing the quality of some of the most expensive luxury brand names. You get the best without paying thousands.

More precious than rubies

Chic, Beautiful, Stylish

Sleek Looks for the Modern Young Woman

Handbags are a statement. They showcase our style and personality, but more than that, our handbags are meant to be meaningful and personal. The representation of who we are and what we believe is sewn into every stitch of a Ruby Jade Bag. We have created each design with purpose, and pray each piece will inspire and encourage you to boldly express who you are: a strong, valuable, and beautiful woman in Christ.

for the on-the-go girl

A Perfect Fit For Any Wardrobe

Dressed Up or Down, These Versatile Bags Go With Everything! These bags are small, but mighty! Ruby Jade girls are always on the go, which means we need a small but spacious grab-and-go bag that can carry all the essentials! Welcome to your new favorite bag - elevated, fashion-forward, and built for any occasion.

A Bag That Won't Fall Apart

The Details Matter

Every bag has a deluxe detailed interior - no cutting corners. No cheap lined bags. No chintzy zippers and no overpriced stamped vinyl. We have created each bag with the highest attention to the small things - because you deserve to have a bag as beautiful and well-designed as you are! 


Hi, I'm Caroline!

Meet my younger sister, Madeline. We started Ruby Jade together and we are thrilled you found us! Our parents, Meggan and Landon Wood founded the upscale diaper bag brand Lily Jade (@lilyjadeco), and in watching and learning everything from the family business, I’m now creating my own collections. It’s truly been a dream to see this come together!

So thankful for you and so honored to join you in life’s journey!

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